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Who we work with

Image by Annie Spratt

Commercial Beekeepers

The Arnia Sentinel Hive System is specifically designed for  commercial beekeepers to help increase efficiency and profitability. The system remotely monitors a sample of ‘indicator’ hives at each apiary to accurately track nectar flows, providing significant benefits:

 • Increased Honey Yield

Enables more precise timing of apiary visits to add supers, collect honey or move the bees to a new location.

Reduced operating costs

Fewer visits required just to check apiary status.

Improved Productivity

Make season to season comparisons of apiary/hive productivity and nectar flow timings.

Hobby Beekeepers

  • Queen status: Identify if the queen has stopped laying and the colony has become broodless. Identify when a new mated queen starts laying.

  • Colony Strength: Track colony development and strength, compare different colonies and hive locations.

  • Foraging Activity: Profile daily flight activity, compare different hives and identify weak activity. Directly compare flight with other measurements such as weight to assess colony productivity.

  • Nectar Flow: Track nectar flows, identify when to add supers or remove honey. Make season to season comparisons.

  • Nectar Dearth: Identify when there is a forage shortage and the bees may need feed supplements.

  • Robbing: Identify when a colony is being robbed of its stores so corrective action can be taken.

  • Winter Feeding: Monitor winter store levels and identify when the bees need feeding.

  • Apiary Weather: Monitor rainfall, temperature in the sun and shade. Directly compare with hive data such as weight and foraging to assess the impact of weather conditions.

  • Hive disruption: Receive an instant alert if a hive is moved or knocked over

Image by Beeing

Researchers & Academia

Build robust datasets

Data is available remotely through a secure account in our User Interface. Graphs can be generated for selected periods for trend observation and comparative analysis of data within a colony as well as between different colonies.  Raw data can be downloaded for further analysis in Matlab or Excel.  

  • Accurate: Highly accurate sensors each individually calibrated

  • High resolution:  Measurement frequency can be set from every 5 minutes.

  • Reliable: Durable and waterproof, with power and data transfer options to suit site conditions.

  • Flexible:  The type and number of sensors used can be selected to meet project requirements.

  • Scalable: Enables the economic collection of data from large numbers of hives over wide geographic areas.

We can also supply aggregated bee data from our global network of monitored hives, as well as set up local, national or international citizen science projects with friendly beekeepers.

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