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Bee Safe! How we're tackling hive thefts...

Worried about the safety of your hives?

Sadly, hive thefts are becoming more and more frequent with an increase of almost 1000% in beehive thefts since 2015. Luckily, our system has several features to help keep your hives safe...

GPS Location

Automatic GPS location is reported by the gateway. If your gateway is moved, a theft alert is trigged which is sent directly to your email to notify you in real time. The gateway will also continue to log its location so we can track its movements.

Live Images

Our new 4g camera can provide instant access to live images directly from your apiary. With no wifi or mains power needed, it is perfect for those secluded spots that may be targeted by thieves.


The accelerometer In our gateway detects movement, whether it is tipped, knocked or moved. This can very quickly alert you to any unwanted visitors in your apiary. The sensitively can be adjusted to be more or less sensitive so you're not being falsely alerted.

Light Sensors

Dismantling or opening a hive can have a serious effect on the health of your bees in certain circumstances. Our light sensor, which is built into the in-hive sensor, detects when the lid of your hive has been opened. Whether caused by vandalism, heavy winds, obstructions or theft, there's no more waiting until your next inspection to see the damage caused.

Buy the Arnia partner camera here

Buy the Arnia In-hive sensor here

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