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Updates from Inverewe

Our wild pollinator counting device POLY is currently being trialled at the wonderful National Trust for Scotland’s Inverewe Garden, home to one of the UK's most unique micro climates.

Building on from our Arnia in hive sensor technology, POLY is able to detect pollinator presence, sending this data back to a web-based app for analysis and solutions. Read below for some insider updates on POLY's findings at Inverewe!

What we've discovered so far...

- Among common visitors observed bumblebees were prevalent, in particular the white-tailed bumble bee and common carder bee.

- Honeybees appeared only towards the end of the observation days as the temperature increased.

- The devices recorded many insect visits through the night at one particular device suggesting that moths were visiting the device and possibly acting as pollinators for the local flowers. The flowers were white and highly scented, indicative of adaptation to moth pollination.

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