The heart of the Arnia system, the Gateway collects data wirelessly from the hive sensors and scales, then transmits it to the Arnia servers for analysis and interpretation.



GSM (up to 4G/LTE) 

SIM card compatibility: Soracom (provided pre installed)

Blue tooth 5.0 


Sensory information 

The gateway has the same on board sensors as the hive unit. Thus the Gateway can also provide basic ambient weather conditions in the apiary (temperature and humidity) or be fitted externally to a hive to provide additional acoustic data (such as flight activity). 

GPS location - Automatic GPS Location of the unit (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS)



Two on board lithium iron batteries (5.2Ah)

Estimated battery life sending data from four in hive sensors six times per day, as stated above, assuming no external power: 36 Months


Data Access 

Data from the gateway and its connected sensors can be viewed on the arnia user interface.

Each apiary you plan to monitor requires a gateway and each gateway requires a data subscription.  We reccomend a maximum of 8 sensors per gateway for optimal data output and battery life. 


Please ensure your apairy has 4G data coverage. Our sims are multinetwork and can connect to most major providors. If you need help checking, please get in touch. 


If you're unsure of exactly what you need to get started, please email


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