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In-hive sensor

In-hive sensor

The in-hive sensor gathers all the data you'll need to know exactly whats going on inside your hive. It connects wirelessly to the Arnia gateway to provide all of this data on the Arnia user interface. 


Sensory information collected 

Stereo microphone: Colony acoustics 

Temperature: Queen/ brood status 

Humidity: Moisture  % inside the hive.

Light sensor: detects when hive opened 

Accelerometer: Detects when hive moved



Blue tooth 5.1 



Lithium ion batteries. 

1000 days battery life. 



Clips securely to the top of the hive frame. Totally wireless and designed to fit within the bee space between frames and on top of frames


Each apiary you plan to monitor requires a gateway and each gateway requires a data subscription. We reccomend a maximum of 8 sensors per gateway for optimal data output and battery life.


If you're unsure of exactly what you need to get started, please email


We offer discount on 100+ units. Please email us for more info. 


*images are for illustrative purposes only and product may vary from what is pictured (appearance but not functionality)

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