In-hive sensor unit

In-hive sensor unit

The heart of the Arnia monitoring system.


Benefit from early notification of changes within the hive and optimise bee management.


Start monitoring your bees in as little as 3 minutes!


    The in-hive sensor unit is wireless with on board power and very easy to install.

    Sensory Information Collected

    • Stereo Microphone: Colony acoustics (Sound file: wav file max 8K sample frequency, 8 second duration in total)
    • Temperature: Queen/brood status
    • Humidity: Brood humidity/brood status
    • Light Sensor: Detects when hive opened
    • Accelerometer: Detects when hive moved
    • E-Compass: Direction hive is facing
    • Buzzer: Hive identification in the apiary


    • Bluetooth 5.1


    • On board fitted batteries.
    • Estimated life taking six mono 8K 8 sec acoustic and sensor readings per day: 1000 days

    Size and Weight

    • PCB Dimensions: 40mm x 20mm
    • Weight including batteries: 50g

    Positioning in Hive

    • Clips securely to the top of the hive frame. Totally wireless and designed to fit within the bee space between frames and on top of frames

    *Each apiary needs a Gateway for the sensor to transmit its data too. Only one Gateway is needed per apiary (up to 15  hives.)

    *product may vary from what is pictured (appearance but not functionality)


    12 month warranty included as standard.




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