Bar Scale

Bar Scale

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Bar scales enable remote monitoring of honey production. Scales integrate with the Arnia hive monitoring system so you can compare hive weight data with colony activity and weather conditions which is an invaluable aid for colony management.


  • Map the nectar flow:  Track weight gain over time to see the start and finish of the nectar flow.


  • Identify when the supers are full: Set maximum weight threshold to receive an automatic email/SMS alert when the supers are full.


  • Identify when winter feeding is required: Set minimum weight threshold to receive an email/SMS alert when winter store levels are low and the bees need feeding.


  • Receive swarming and robbing alerts: Receive an automatic email/SMS alert when there is sudden or sharp drop in daytime weight. This can mean robbing or a swarm (the hive weight drops when the bees leave the hive).


  • Compare colony strength and productivity: See which colonies are most productive throughout the season.



Each apairy you plan to monitor requires a gateway and each gateway requires a data subscription. 1 gateway can connect 100+ in-hive sensors/bar scales. 


If you're unsure of exactly what you need to get started, please email


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