Starter Package

Starter Package

Please note bar scales are curretly out of stock and will be shipped end of May 2021. If you order the stater package your order will be shipped in 2 halfs (gateway and in-hive sensor upon order and bar scale before end of May). 


Basic Starter Package - 1 hive 



1 x gateway

1 x in-hive sensor

1 x bar scale

1 x 12 month data subscription. 



Each apiary you plan to monitor requires a gateway and each gateway requires a data subscription. 1 gateway can connect 32 in-hive sensors/bar scales. 


If you're unsure of exactly what you need, please email


Please select hive type from drop down to ensure you recive the correct bar scale size. If your hive type falls into the "other" catagory, please add hive type to notes at checkout. 


*images are for illustrative purposes only and product may vary from what is pictured (appearance but not functionality)

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